Are you an introvert looking for a more fulfilling social, dating, and professional life?

Hey, I’m Wes Colton, introvert coach, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Certified Practitioner, and author of The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide!

I’d like to share my origin story from confused, lonely, and bitter outcast, to finding my place in the world, to the founding of Introvert Unbound in 2017.

Over the years I’ve helped countless introverts just like you understand their unique brains and make the most of their personal gifts so they can thrive.

Together, we can leverage your strengths, overcome your obstacles, and become the Introvert Unbound!

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As an introvert, you’re probably well aware of the many ways people don’t quite “get” you.

But what about the stuff you don’t know about yourself? Isn’t it time you find out?

What does it mean to be an “Introvert Unbound”?

Being an introvert is truly a gift in so many ways, and it’s certainly not something you need to “fix.”

The brains of introverts are different from those of extroverts. With more gray matter–the part associated with abstract thinking and decision-making–we’re literally deeper thinkers.

But while our measured, thoughtful approach to life means introverts make some of the most valuable contributions to society and can be extraordinary friends and partners, it can also be an obstacle to socializing, where self-expression is the name of the game.

This isn’t about faking it, or trying to be someone you’re not. It’s about finding out who you really are!

DATING, FRIENDS, and WORK are the 3 Pillars that make up the foundation of Introvert Unbound (watch these short videos below to learn more).

Pillar I: DATING
Pillar III: WORK

If you’re an introvert looking for a more fulfilling social, dating, and professional life, it’s time to leverage your strengths, overcome your obstacles, and become the Introvert Unbound!


Growing up as a rather socially awkward introvert who lacked self-confidence when it came to social interactions, this all changed when I met Wes.

Being an introvert himself, he helped me to truly understand myself and by doing so helped me to know what I needed to do to truly change. Working with him regularly, I started developing comfort and eventually confidence in social settings, which lead to a more rewarding social and dating life.

Even more importantly, this translated into my career as well, where this new found confidence translated into more of a leadership role.

Wes helped me to understand myself, face my fears — even the ones I did not know existed — and truly grow into a better and more confident man.

-Andrew B.

I’ve struggled with social anxiety my whole life.

I was so anxious that I couldn’t do more than ask people for directions.

It felt like I was frozen. 

Wes helped me find the courage to break through my barriers and take action.

It’s an amazing breakthrough in my life.

The sense of freedom and capability I feel now is so liberating. 

I can’t thank him enough.

-Carl A.

Wes Colton helped me progress tremendously in dating. 

Watching him, he is always taking action and trying new ways to approach situations. 

-Sebastian P.

I’ve learned a lot from Wes. I don’t think he started with any unusual gift, he was just persistent for years.

Because of his history, that makes him an excellent teacher and he’ll introduce you to the systems that actually generate results over time.

-Randy W.

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