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Having trouble finding dates? Wish you had more friends? Feeling under-appreciated at work? Don’t worry, you’re not alone…even though it might feel like it sometimes.

Chances are, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re just experiencing the downside of being an introvert—which simply means that socializing drains your energy, while spending time alone recharges it.

Needless to say, there are countless benefits to being an introvert, including high levels of creativity, thoughtfulness, and independence (and many other positive qualities). However, it’s hard to deny that interacting well with people is the key to success in dating, friendships, and your career. And since socializing is exhausting to you, you probably don’t do it as often, so you might not be as adept at it as you could be.

The good news is they call them social skills for a reason, and that’s because—like painting a portrait or throwing a football—they’re something you can learn. And that’s what Introvert Unbound is all about.

We—Wes and Regina—are both introverts who got tired of missing out on so much of life because of our natural aversion to socializing. Over decades of personal and professional experience, gleaning wisdom from others, and a healthy dose of trial and error, we discovered how to build up our social muscles and shift our mindset so that socializing now brings us far more pleasure than pain.

After transforming our own lives for the better in everything from dating, to social circles, to our careers, we felt driven to share our accumulated knowledge to help introverts like you—who often struggle in the social arena—to break out of your shell, while remaining true to yourself.

If you’re someone who feels like your dislike of parties, bars, work meetings, or other get-togethers is standing in your way of achieving happiness in your life, schedule a free, no-strings-attached, 30-minute online consultation with us, so we can help you strategize the best way to harness your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and become the best version of yourself!

Why put off the life you deserve any longer? Fill out our confidential client intake form today or contact Wes and Regina at introvertunbound@gmail.com

Wes Colton, Founder & Coach
Regina Hopkins, Coach & Licensed Professional Counselor 

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