A selection of original articles written by Wes Colton for Introvert Unbound.


Five Introvert Dating Advantages

couple-readingThere are several ways in which we introverts have a leg up on extroverts when it comes to dating. 


The Three Dating “Buckets”

hearts-inside-wooden-bucket-isolated-white-background-96127805There are three “buckets” we put potential dates into, usually without being overtly conscious of it.



Nine Reasons You’re Not Getting Dates

crying manIf you’re not getting regular dates, I can almost guarantee that at least one—and likely more than one—of the below reasons applies to you. 



Is Cold-Approach “Pickup” Turning You Into a Weirdo? 

buffoonIf you’re not careful, pickup can start to warp your personality, where every part of your being is so focused on what might get a girl to come home with you from a bar, that you start having trouble functioning in other social spheres.


Are You In Dating Denial? 

plugging ears

Basically, if you’re a guy who’s not where he wants to be dating-wise and you keep telling yourself that the problem will fix itself—you’re in dating denial.


Qualifying and Screening a Date


Qualifying is nothing more than asking a woman questions about herself so you can figure out if she’s the type of woman you want to date.


Is Cold-Approach Sexual Harassment?

Man touching shoulder of uncomfortable woman co-workerThere’s no question that we’re living in a time when men’s behavior towards women is being scrutinized like never before. However, instead of this spelling the demise of cold-approach, I’d argue that it’s more important than ever.

How To Touch a Woman

man huggingWhether it’s a from cold-approach or on an Internet date, if you want to get intimate with a woman, at some point you’re going to have to touch her. So what’s the when, where, and how when it comes to physicality?


The Most Common (and Fixable) Habit Keeping You From Attracting Women

girl-rejecting practical happiness

It might not sound like much, but proximity is often the difference between a woman perceiving you as a potential sexual partner or just a friend/harmless rando.


How to Deal with Ghosting


For those who don’t know, ghosting is when someone stops texting you without any explanation why. We’ve all had it done to us. But why does it hurt so much?


Rejection = Success

hey its me the nerd girl no face

Though it may sound counterintuitive, the more successful you get with women, the more rejections you’ll be experiencing.



Do Women Want to be Objectified?

red dress cartoon

A woman walks down the street, her hair dyed blonde, eyes smeared with purple eyeshadow and mascara, blush on her cheeks, bright red lipstick glistening, wearing a low-cut, form-fitting, oh-so-short dress.

Does this mean she wants to be ogled by men?



An Introvert’s Secret to Extending Your Social Battery

introvert battery_sarahdujour

Over the years, I started to accept the fact that my aversion to socializing might be keeping me from living the life I wanted.




The Introvert Guy’s Guide to Making Friends


Let’s face it: as an introvert guy it can be tough to make friends. In many ways it’s easier to go out and find women to date than it is to meet a dude friend to hang out with. 



The 10 Commandments of Working From Home

10 commandments working from home

Here are the Ten Commandments I follow that have allowed me to successfully work from home for almost a decade.