Using Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality assessment as a foundation, Certified Practitioner Wes Colton will help you identify & leverage your social strengths, and isolate & shore up your weaknesses to transform your interpersonal relationships and communication.

For Introvert Deep Dive, you’ll get:

  • 30-minute initial consult through e-chat, phone, or video call to clarify your social challenges and goals.
  • Link to the official, online MBTI® Step II™ assessment ($34.95 retail price) to find your personality type and the 20 facets that underlie your preferences to discover how you communicate, connect with others, and form relationships.
  • 50-minute phone or video chat interpretation of your MBTI® personality type to learn how you: receive and direct energy; take in information; make decisions; and approach the outside world.
  • 50-minute phone or video chat “deep dive” into your 20 unique personality facets that make you, you.
  • 50-minute phone or video chat consult to discuss and implement your tailor-made action plan for social success.

Email for pricing and to book your MBTI® session today!