The Three Dating Buckets: Friend, Relationship, or Sex

– by Regina Hopkins, Introvert Unbound

hearts-inside-wooden-bucket-isolated-white-background-96127805There are three “buckets” we put potential dates into, usually without being overtly conscious of it. BOTH men and women have the three same labeled “buckets” when it comes to dating and relationships. These are:

The “friend bucket” — This person will only and always be a friend to you. (You will never see this person as somebody you would become sexually or romantically involved with). While they may be the greatest, nicest person you know, there is just not enough chemical attraction there for you to want to pursue anything more with this person.

The “relationship bucket” — You would have or want to have a relationship with this person.

The “sex bucket” — You will only ever sleep with them (and you do not want this to progress into a relationship).
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PODCAST #6: Regina Wants to Help Introvert Men Level Up Their Dating Lives

Art of Her photoshoot 2016 - Web Resolution34On the 6th installment of the Introvert Unbound Podcast, Wes Colton chats with Regina, a licensed professional counselor who has recently come on board Introvert Unbound as a coach.

Regina talks about how she overcame social anxiety, the empathy she has for introverted guys, and how she can help them improve their social skills and dating life.