Do you hate going to work in the morning? Are your best skills and abilities wasted?

Or maybe it’s not your job that’s the problem, but the fact that your boss doesn’t appreciate you, passing you over time and time again for that promotion or raise? Or you’re self-employed and just not able to maximize your potential?

WORK is central to our life’s purpose and—along with DATING and FRIENDS—is one of the 3 Pillars that make up the foundation of Introvert Unbound.

We’ve all got to make ends meet, but ultimately, without some sense of meaning at our jobs, it’s hard to feel fulfilled.

As thoughtful introverts, we tend to do excellent work whatever it is, but our tendency to be soft spoken and keep to ourselves means we’re often passed over for that leadership position or salary hike.

With coaching from Introvert Unbound, you’ll learn how to develop your assertiveness, best demonstrate your value to your business or organization, and navigate the social dynamics that will win you acceptance and respect from managers and peers while advancing you in your profession.

Or maybe you’re tired of the rat race altogether and need a guide through the process of figuring out the work you really want to do and how to establish yourself in that field.

Either way, it’s time to start thriving at—and loving—your work.