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#14: Dating as a Gateway to Self Development

Wes explores how working on your dating life can open the door to deeper levels of personal growth.

#13: Snapping Out of Your Anger

Wes reveals his past anger issues and shares a simple method he uses to stay cool.

#12: A Dating Coach’s Advice for Introverts (with Zachariah Bourne)

Wes chats with Zachariah Bourne, a personal development coach who specializes in dating and also happens to be an introvert.

#11: Authentic vs. Phony Self-Development for Introverts

Wes & Regina Hopkins LPC discuss the difference between becoming a more social introvert vs. putting on a fake “extrovert” persona.

#10: The Introvert Dating Advantage

Wes talks about the natural advantages introverts have when it comes to dating.

#9: Why Most Advice for Introverts is Dead Wrong

Wes theorizes about why there’s so much bad advice out there for introverts.

#8: Navigating Conflict as an Introvert

Wes talks out loud to himself about some of the best (and worst) ways to deal with conflict as an introvert, using real–and ongoing–examples from his own life.

#7: Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone for Social Success

Wes finds out how Jeremiah, a 35 year-old introvert man, is transforming his social life by refusing to stay within his comfort zone.

#6: Regina Wants to Help Introvert Men Level Up Their Dating Lives

Wes chats with Regina Hopkins, a licensed professional counselor who has recently come on board Introvert Unbound as a coach.

#5: Exercising Your Social Muscles as an Introvert

Wes talks with Richard from Introvert Going Out, a charming and inspiring blog about the experiences of an introvert trying to be more social.

#4: Bringing Out Your Inner Introvert Badass

Wes speaks with author C.G. Carroll about what it means to be the “bad boy” who the girls go crazy for.

#3: Introvert Dating Problems

Wes brainstorms with Robert, an introvert who ran into some dating snags.

#2: The Benefits of Cold-Approach for Introverts

Wes chats with Branden about the social benefits for an introvert who does cold approach.

#1: Beating Social Anxiety and Depression to Achieve Dating Success

In the first episode of Introvert Unbound podcast, Wes learns how Clint, a 30 year old software engineer, pushed through social anxiety and depression to achieve dating success.