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#80: Introvert Acceptance

Wes points out the best ways for introverts to truly love themselves.

#79: The Introvert’s Dilemma

Wes talks about the challenge all us introverts have both accepting ourselves the way we are and learning how to engage in a society that doesn’t always “get” us. 

#78: Introvert Excellence

Wes defines and teaches you how to achieve “introvert excellence.”

#77: 6 Ways to be Lonely

Wes reveals 6 ways to handle loneliness.  

#76: Your Introvert Guide

Wes talks about how difficult it can be for introverts to find their way alone.

#75: 2023: The Year of the Introvert?

Wes makes the case for 2023 being the best time in history for introverts to thrive.  

#74: 3 Holiday Tips for Introverts

Wes shares a few tips to help introverts make it through the holidays without crashing their social battery.

#73: Introverted or Shy?

Wes shows you how to tell the difference between introversion and shyness (a.k.a. social anxiety).  

#72: Different Places, Different Paces

Wes reminds us how every introvert is at a different stage in their life’s journey. 

#71: The Grateful Introvert

Wes shares three things he’s thankful about when it comes to being an introvert and asks you to do the same.

#70: Are Introverts “Hiding From Life”?

Wes debunks the myth that introverts spending time alone aren’t living life to the fullest.

#69: Coaching vs. Therapy for Introverts

Wes gets into the differences between coaching and therapy for introverts.

#68: Do Women Prefer Extrovert Men?

Wes answers the controversial question of whether or not the average woman is more likely to date an introvert or extrovert.

#67: Introvert Conflict

Wes gives his opinion on the best way to engage—or disengage—with conflict as an introvert.

#66: Outcome vs. Output

Wes explains the difference between an introvert having a goal and coming up with the strategy—and will—to actually get there.  

#65: Introvert Envy

Wes teaches introverts how to process jealousy towards extroverts.

#64: How to Deal with an Extrovert at a Party

Wes shares his strategy for handling loud, chatty extroverts in social situations. 

#63: Are Ambiverts Real?

Wes gives his official take on whether or not ambiverts actually exist. 

#62: The Introvert Weekend

Wes reveals the secret for introverts looking to make the most out of their weekends.

#61: A Dating Coach Who’s Still Single?

Wes gives his take on whether it’s possible to be an effective dating coach without having found a life partner.

#60: Three “Futile Strategies” for Introverts

Wes gleans wisdom from Eastern philosophy to expose “three futile strategies” preventing introverts from overcoming obstacles: attacking, indulging, and ignoring.

#59: Alone vs. Lonely

Wes challenges introverts to find a healthy balance between their time alone and time spent with others.

#58: My Aunt’s Bookcase

Wes offers a weird new concept to help introverts better understand our long term journeys of self-discovery.

#57: Science Proves Socializing Makes Introverts Happy

Wes shares a recent scientific study proving what he’s been saying all along: Introverts who put themselves out there—but not too much—enjoy life more.

#56: Introvert Vision + Introvert Mission

Wes frames the introvert’s social and professional journey in terms of “vision,” or ultimate goal, and “mission,” or the steps taken to reach that goal.

#55: Introvert Desensitization

Wes ignores loud construction noises while explaining how important it is for introverts to gradually desensitize themselves to socializing.

#54: If Online Dating Were Real Life

Wes reads his humorous new article, “If Online Dating Were Real Life,” explains why he wrote it, and breaks the whole piece down paragraph by paragraph.

#53: Last Week for 1-on-1 Virtual Coaching with Wes!

Wes shares some good news and some bad news.

#52: The REAL Reason Behind Flaking and Ghosting?

Wes theorizes about WHY potential dates might flake at the last minute and then ghost you.

#51: Ghosted by the CEO of a Dating Site

Wes shares his recent experiences being “ghosted” by potential dates and the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

#50: Will, Skill, and Drill

Wes shares a handy mnemonic device to sum up the best way for introverts like you to overcome obstacles in your social life. 

#49: Gaps & Overlaps: Self-Development and Dating

Wes gets excited about his new online course, SELF DEVELOPMENT AND DATING: GAPS & OVERLAPS.

#48: The Warrior + The Caretaker

Wes outlines the concept of “The Warrior + The Caretaker,” the two parts of your personality you must access to attract the right woman. 

#47: New, Updated Edition of THE INTROVERT MEN’S DATING GUIDE

Wes gives a brief summary of every chapter of the new, updated paperback edition of THE INTROVERT MEN’S DATING GUIDE, out now on Amazon!  

#46: The Introvert “Carbon Footprint”

Wes talks about a few of the many ways in which introverts benefit the world. 

#45: Catching Up with Introvert Unbound

Wes reveals why the podcast went on a year-long hiatus and what exciting things he’s got in store for introverts like you in 2022, including: a sneak peak at future episodes, a new online course, and an updated paperback and e-book edition of THE INTROVERT MEN’S DATING GUIDE.

#44: Dating Coaching in 2021 (with Chris Valentino)

Wes talks with Las Vegas dating coach, Chris Valentino, about how hard it is to find a coach who understands adult psychological development, the importance of radical self-honesty, and how failure is the ONLY true path to advancement.

#43: The #1 Reason Introverts’ Professional and Creative Projects Fail

Wes Colton talks about a recent discovery he’s made about why introverts  have a difficult time getting their professional and/or creative projects out to the world.

#42: Do Men or Women Give Better Dating Advice?

Wes Colton gives his opinion on who’s better at giving dating advice, men or women?

#41: The Difference Between Coach and Therapy

Wes explores the differences and similarities between coaching and therapy.

#40: Invite to the Virtual Launch of The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide

Wes invites you to the January 15 virtual book launch for The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide, explains why he coaches mostly men, and reveals how dating is only the beginning of an introvert’s journey of self-discovery. 

#39: TEASER: The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide

Wes reads the foreword and goes through the contents of The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide, his brand new, one-of-kind, comprehensive book that will transform your dating life. 

#38: Back In Action + Big Announcement

Wes explains what he’s been up to all these months and announces the upcoming publication of The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide.

#37: Evolve Yourself, Evolve Your Dating

Wes goes deep on how pursuing your next stage of development will not only bring more of the right women into your life, but transform your entire worldview.

#36: Do Introvert Men Need To Be “Good Looking” to Get Dates?

Wes questions whether or not an introvert man needs to be conventionally “good looking” to have a fulfilling dating life. 

#35: Has Coronavirus Killed “Cold Encounters?”

Wes Colton gives his take on whether the COVID-19 pandemic spells the end of talking to strangers, aka cold encounters. 

#34: Stay-at-Home Orders: Introvert Paradise or Prison?

Wes Colton discusses how the pandemic is making many introverts realize how much we actually miss people, and how this insight can carry over into our lives once the outbreak has ended.

#33: Stuck at Home Advice from Introverts to Extroverts

Wes and Regina Hopkins, L.P.C. offer some introvert-tested-and-approved advice to extroverts for how to make the most of time stuck at home, now or in the future.

#32: Why Introverts Should Prepare For The End…Of The Outbreak

Wes advises introverts to make use of any free time they might have during the COVID-19 pandemic to do the self development work they’ve been putting off.

#31: Do Women Prefer Introvert Men?

Wes considers the controversial question of whether women are more interested in introverted or extroverted men.

#30: Should Introverts Date Multiple People?

Wes investigates whether it’s a good idea or not for introverts to date more than one person at a time.

#29: Introverts in Politics (with Arthur Lieber)

Wes talks with Arthur Lieber, author of Political Introverts: How Empathetic Voters Can Help Save American Politics, about how important it is for introverts to engage in politics and the most effective ways to do so.

#28: Introverts and Romantic Chemistry

Wes talks about how romantic chemistry is more than just “attraction” and how single introverts can benefit from this understanding.

#27: Leveraging Your Introvert Strengths

Wes talks about how to use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) to uncover and maximize your personal strengths to transform your social, dating, and professional life. 

#26: Facing Your Fears as an Introvert

Wes talks about how just the other week he faced his greatest fear and how you can do the same.

#25: What’s Your Dating Trajectory?

Wes talks about how to objectively measure whether your dating life is improving or not.

#24: Why You Shouldn’t Take Rejection Seriously

Wes shares a real-life anecdote to help put rejection–in dating and life in general–in its proper perspective.

#23: 4 Things My Successful Coaching Clients Have in Common

Wes talks about the four qualities he’s noticed in nearly all of his clients who have improved their dating and social lives.

#22: Is Online Dating Destroying Your Dating Life?

Wes brings back his very first guest, Clint, to explain why he’s canceling all his online dating subscriptions.

#21: Why Dating Apps Don’t Want You To Find Love (with Vik Sanchez)

Wes talks with data analyst Vik Sanchez about his research on online dating and his shocking conclusion that the goal of these apps isn’t to get you dates, but keep you swiping forever.

#20: The Case Against Online Dating

Wes details some of the limitations of online dating and explains why meeting people the old-fashioned way might be a better option.

#19: Making the Best (or Worst) of Hard Times

Wes talks gets personal and reveals a health concern that’s both bringing out the worst in him AND providing him some much-needed life lessons.

#18: Coming Out of Your Introvert Shell (with David Richards)

Wes talks with David Richards, a 22-year-old introvert who came out of his introvert shell after dropping out of college to found his own email system provider, Enveloperty.

#17: Lessons from an Introvert Master (with Gabriela Casineanu)

Wes talks with Gabriela Casineanu, professional coach and award-winning author of Quiet Lessons for the Introvert’s Soul and Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search.

#16: What I Learned from a Month of No Dating

Wes shares his experience of “Solo Manuary,” where he swore off dating for the entire month of January.

#15: Thriving at Work as an Introvert

Wes talks with Jim Saunders, author of Introvert Shine: Career-Boosting Communication Hacks to Speak Confidently and Build Your Network, about how introverts can succeed in the workplace.

#14: Dating as a Gateway to Self Development

Wes explores how working on your dating life can open the door to deeper levels of personal growth.

#13: Snapping Out of Your Anger

Wes reveals his past anger issues and shares a simple method he uses to stay cool.

#12: A Dating Coach’s Advice for Introverts (with Zachariah Bourne)

Wes chats with Zachariah Bourne, a personal development coach who specializes in dating and also happens to be an introvert.

#11: Authentic vs. Phony Self-Development for Introverts

Wes & Regina Hopkins LPC discuss the difference between becoming a more social introvert vs. putting on a fake “extrovert” persona.

#10: The Introvert Dating Advantage

Wes talks about the natural advantages introverts have when it comes to dating.

#9: Why Most Advice for Introverts is Dead Wrong

Wes theorizes about why there’s so much bad advice out there for introverts.

#8: Navigating Conflict as an Introvert

Wes talks out loud to himself about some of the best (and worst) ways to deal with conflict as an introvert, using real–and ongoing–examples from his own life.

#7: Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone for Social Success

Wes finds out how Jeremiah, a 35 year-old introvert man, is transforming his social life by refusing to stay within his comfort zone.

#6: Regina Wants to Help Introvert Men Level Up Their Dating Lives

Wes chats with Regina Hopkins, a licensed professional counselor who has recently come on board Introvert Unbound as a coach.

#5: Exercising Your Social Muscles as an Introvert

Wes talks with Richard from Introvert Going Out, a charming and inspiring blog about the experiences of an introvert trying to be more social.

#4: Bringing Out Your Inner Introvert Badass

Wes speaks with author C.G. Carroll about what it means to be true to your “inner badass” without being a jackass.

#3: Introvert Dating Problems

Wes brainstorms with Robert, an introvert who ran into some dating snags.

#2: The Benefits of Talking to Strangers for Introverts

Wes chats with Branden about the social benefits for an introvert who talks to strangers.

#1: Beating Social Anxiety and Depression to Achieve Dating Success

In the first episode of Introvert Unbound podcast, Wes learns how Clint, a 30 year old software engineer, pushed through social anxiety and depression to achieve dating success.