Regina Hopkins, Vice President, Coach & Licensed Professional Counselor

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Hi, I’m Regina Hopkins. Originally from Lakewood, Colorado, and having lived here for over 30 years now, I understand the Denver dating scene very well. I obtained my Master’s in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University and currently practice as a licensed professional counselor as well. While my educational background has certainly helped me learn how to more effectively relate to a wide variety of people at an interpersonal level, I also have personal experiences with knowing just how challenging dating in Denver (nicknamed, “Men-ver” can be), especially for guys!

And introverted men have their own unique set of challenges, separate from their more typically talkative and conversationally-practiced extroverted friends. I understand the introvert’s challenge quite well as I grew up introverted myself. From a young age, I dealt with my own social anxiety around talking to new people and being around others. I know firsthand how overwhelming it can feel for some people, and how “scary” other people can seem sometimes.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I realized that I was letting what could be some of the most fun and social years of my life, pass me by! I decided I wanted to be different. I wanted to get better at talking to others and feel less “bound” and constricted by my introverted ways, which also blended into my social anxiety. I wanted to become better at communicating and not be afraid around people anymore. I set out on a mission to become more “extroverted” and see if I could come to embrace this other “more uninhibited” side that I saw some others had – a side that I wanted for myself!

Through my own trial and error, I learned many tools and tricks along the way to help me overcome my struggles with social anxiety and the isolation that came with it. After lots and lots of practice in conversing with others, I slowly got better and better. Over time, I learned to actually enjoy talking with others and starting up conversations. I began enjoying being around people. The words began to flow more naturally for me, and I didn’t have to “think so hard” about what I wanted to say before I said it.

And while I do strongly believe that we all have both introverted parts and extroverted parts in us, sometimes if we are strongly one way or the other, it can actually be a hindrance to us achieving our goals in some circumstances.

I also believe that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. I’m not here to try to turn you into a raging extrovert (might I add – nor do you have to do so to meet quality women who will actually like you back). However, there are certain things that introverted men typically struggle with on the whole, that can hinder their success with dating and their social life. I understand these struggles first hand, and with over 20 years of experience in deeply understanding both introversion and extroversion, I’m ready to help support you in your journey to also become “unbound” from the parts that might be holding you back from living to your fullest potential and having the life you really want.

In working with me, it is my hope that you will feel as though you have unlimited opportunities to meet available, quality women and have the kinds of relationships (dating, friends and professional) that you really want. I can help you come to understand your introverted strengths and gifts, while helping you authentically grow into a man who feels that he has all the same opportunities as his more extroverted counterparts. If you are feeling as though your introversion may be holding you back, I don’t want you to feel “bound” by your introversion any longer.

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Wishing you all the best!
Regina Hopkins M.Ed., LPC