BAD ADVICE: How (NOT) To Handle Rejection

Introvert Unbound founder Wes Colton’s idiot brother Ace gives his offensive–and useless–take on rejection.    

Podcast #9: Why Most Advice for Introverts is Dead Wrong

On episode #9 of the Introvert Unbound Podcast, Wes Colton theorizes about why there’s so much bad advice out there for introverts. Download here.

Why Most Advice for Introverts is Dead Wrong

– by Wes Colton, Introvert Unbound I love everything about being an introvert, from my thoughtfulness, to my preference for deep connection, to my appreciation of solitude. As a writer and musician, introversion is central to my being and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Writing about and working with other introverts, I’ve come across… Read More