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RARE OPPORTUNITY: Are you an introvert who’s sick and tired of putting up with an unsatisfying social, dating, and/or professional life? Do you want to learn how to make sense of—and make the most out of—your unique introvert brain to find quality friendships, dates, and work connections in 2023? Then keep reading…

PODCAST #27: Leveraging Your Introvert Strengths

On episode #27 of the Introvert Unbound Podcast, Wes talks about how to use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) to uncover and maximize your personal strengths to transform your social, dating, and professional life. Stream or download here. 

Leveraging Your Introvert Strengths

– by Wes Colton, Introvert Unbound If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we introverts have our unique strengths and weaknesses. But, believe it or not, many introverts aren’t aware of their particular advantages in life. And even among those who do know their strengths, the vast majority still haven’t learned how to… Read More