C., Age 32

I’ve struggled with social anxiety my whole life. As I focused more on my career, staying out late at the bars no longer appealed to me. I decided to focus on meeting girls during the daytime. The problem was I was so anxious that I couldn’t do more than ask people for directions. It felt like I was frozen.

Wes helped me break through my approaching barriers. I can now approach girls on the street, at the farmers market, wherever I see someone I’m interested in. It’s an amazing breakthrough in my life. The sense of freedom and capability I feel now is so liberating.

For a long time I held intense fears in my mind of how women would react to me starting conversations with them. Wes showed me how completely distorted and false those beliefs were, and helped me find the courage to break through and take action. I can’t thank him enough.

J., Age 33

Growing up as a rather socially awkward introvert who lacked self-confidence when it came to social interactions, I always found clubs or bars rather intimidating. This all changed when I met Wes.

Being an introvert himself, he helped me to truly understand myself and by doing so helped me to know what I needed to do to truly change. Working with him regularly, I started developing comfort and eventually confidence in social settings, which lead to a more rewarding social and dating life.

Even more importantly, this translated into my career as well, where this new found confidence translated into more of a leadership role. Wes helped me to understand myself, face my fears — even the ones I did not know existed — and truly grow into a better and more confident man.

R., Age 31

I’ve learned a lot from Wes. He’s an example of a grinder who kept going out, kept going out, kept going out until he started getting results consistently. I don’t think he started with any unusual gift, he was just persistent for years until he got good. Because of his history, that makes him an excellent teacher. He won’t show you any special tips or tricks; he’ll introduce you to the systems that actually generate results over time.

S., Age 35

Wes Colton helped me progress tremendously in dating.

Watching him, he is always taking action and trying new ways to approach situations. He has greatly reduced my approach anxiety by showing me how to approach (and keep approaching) women without hesitating.

Thank you for all your help!

T., Age 51

I was at the laundromat waiting for my wash and this brunette walks by me toward her dryer, bending down in front of me to put her laundry in. I thought, “Wow,” and my heart skipped a beat. I was immediately aroused and interested in meeting whomever this chick was.

So I walked over and said something about how laundromats are the great social equalizer and she agreed, chirping back with something witty. We talked about this and that and then realized I had to get my laundry out of the dryer or it would burn, so I loaded it up and got ready to leave. She was still there reading her magazine and I stopped, extended my hand and said, “Nice to meet you,” and asked what her name was.

“Sarah,” she replied.

“Cool, I’ll probably see you around, have a great day,” I said, grabbing my laundry and proceeding to the exit.

I got in my car and thought, wow she was cool, I hope I see her again. Then quickly thought, shit I might never see her again.

I drove off and thought about her the rest of the day. And the next day, and the next. A few weeks later I was still thinking about what a stupid miss that was, “Why didn’t I get her number?” I beat myself up and it motivated me to get out there.

I started looking up Meetups and there was this meetup. I met up with Wes and a couple other guys and was intrigued by what I was hearing about their success just going out and talking with women. After a few weeks, I learned the ropes and was having all of these interactions with attractive women, which soon translated into phone numbers and dates.

Now I know that if I see a girl like the laundromat girl, I won’t pass up the opportunity again. And with all this practice under my belt, there’s a good chance I’ll make something happen. Thanks Wes!

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