First the bad news: When it comes to dating, introverted men struggle far more than extroverted men.

But here’s the good news: By leveraging your strengths and overcoming your obstacles, you can make huge strides in your interactions with women.

Written by introvert dating coach and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® Certified Practitioner, Wes Colton, The Introvert Men’s Dating Guide will give you a comprehensive, in-depth overview of how to transform your dating life as an introvert man.

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Who The Hell Is Wes Colton?
Intro To Introversion
The Dating Life of Introverts
Overcome Your Obstacles
Leverage Your Strengths
Where and How To Meet Women, Part I: Online
Where and How To Meet Women, Part II: Warm Encounters
Where and How To Meet Women, Part III: Cold Encounters
Introvert Intimacy
Welcome To Your New Dating Life!