Videos by Wes Colton for Introvert Unbound.

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Introvert Rights?

Wes stands up for introverts who refuse to conform to society’s expectations.


Why Introverts Need QUIET!

Wes talks about how important it is for introverts to find quiet in a noisy world.


2 Introvert Coaches to IGNORE

Wes Colton warns introverts about two types of coaches you probably shouldn’t listen to.


Are Introverts “Cold” People?

Wes tells the truth about whether introverts are stuck up, aloof, and/or indifferent to others.


2 “Toxic” Types Introverts Should Avoid

Wes warns introverts about two “toxic” types of people you might want to steer clear of.


Introvert Boundaries

Wes explains the importance of boundaries in an introvert’s life and what to do with people who won’t stop crossing them.


The Introvert’s Path

Are you an introvert unsure of the way forward? Introvert coach, Wes Colton, guides you along the introvert’s path.


Finding Your Introvert Edge

From the middle of the wilderness, Introvert Unbound founder & coach, Wes Colton, talks about the importance of introverts challenging themselves–but not too much!–when it comes to socializing.

How to Approach a Potential Date

Wes and Regina talk about the difference between a “direct” and “indirect” approach.

Debunking the #1 Introvert Dating Myth

Wes and Regina tear apart the idea that the best way for an introvert to find a romantic partner is to “stop looking.”

The Right Tools for the Job

Wes skis up a mountain to chat about the importance of properly preparing for life’s many challenges.

Do Women Prefer Assh*les?

Wes & Regina ask the age-old question: Do women like being treated badly?

The Texting Debate

Wes & Regina debate the finer points of texting-while-dating. 

Integrity: The Key to a Better Life

Wes tries to figure out what it means to life a life of integrity. 

Asserting Yourself

Wes illegally trespasses and runs into some trouble to prove a point about assertiveness.

Knowing Your Introvert Limits

Wes talks about the importance of an introvert knowing when they’re pushing themselves too hard.

An Introvert’s Process of Social Re-Entry

Wes reveals how he transitions from introverting to socializing.

Maintaining Social Connections as an Introvert

Wes talks about the importance of introverts keeping lines of communication open with society.

The “C-Word”: Confidence

Wes takes a break from swimming to share his views on what it means to be confident.

Defying Anxiety & Building Core Confidence

Wes fights his fear of heights by driving up a steep cliff and learns a life lesson (sort of).

Destination: Introvert

Wes drives through the desert and talks about having a life destination in mind while being open to changing it over time.

Expert Level Desperation

Wes talks about how guys with access to women can act just as desperate as those without.

The Joy of Giving (to Women)

Wes sits under a tree and talks about how it’s a win-win when you do nice things for women.

To Rebound or Not to Rebound
Regina and Wes talk about whether it’s a good idea or not to “rebound” right after a breakup.

Needing It

Wes talks about generating good feelings without depending on anyone but yourself.

Introverts & Sex

Wes pontificates on the typical introvert’s relationship with sex.

The Difference Between Introvert Men & Women

Is it harder to be an introverted man or woman? 

Surviving Breakups as an Introvert

Wes and Regina chat about whether breakups are harder for introverts or not and what to do when they happen.

Finding That Introvert Balance

Wes talks about finding the happy medium between social contraction and expansion as an introvert.

Rejection without Resentment

Wes ponders how best to weather the storm of rejection without becoming bitter.

Why Every Introvert Needs a Map

Wes talks about how important it is for introverts to know where they’re going.

Can You Get Out of the “Friend Zone?”

Wes and Regina discuss whether it’s possible for guys to attract romantic interest from a woman who says she just wants to be friends.

Fighting Your Fear of Socializing

Wes talks about how important it is for introverts to push through that “butterflies in the stomach” feeling we get before socializing.

The Three Dating Buckets

Like it or not, we all get put into one of three “buckets” when asking someone out on a date. Regina and Wes help you figure out where you stand.

Why Introverts Value Relationships

Wes talks about how introverts value deep connections.

Staying True to Your Introverted Self

Can an introvert get better at socializing without faking it?

How Do You Recharge Your Introvert Battery?

Wes talks about how he recharges his energy in the middle of the desert wilderness.

How Introvert Unbound Can Help You With Your Dating and Social Life

Wes and Regina talk about the benefits of coaching through Introvert Unbound.